Over the past years, the Eric Westacott Foundation (EWF) has supported individuals impacted by spinal cord injuries such as Florissant Police Officer Michael Vernon who was the recipient for 2012 Golf Classic.

Many of you may have followed the story of Officer Vernon’s critical injury on Memorial Day Weekend, when he was shot by a burglary suspect, suffering a spinal cord injury. He and his family have since incurred thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills and other costs associated with this type of injury.


Gateway National

Annbriar Golf Course
Join us for the 2019 Eric Westacott Foundation Golf Tournament!

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Drive the Event

Help support the foundation host an amazing fundraiser at the Gateway Golf Club.

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Dinner & Auction

Join us after the golf tournament for dinner and an awards presentation.

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  1. Greetings Eric,
    Nice web site! who are ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN?!!
    Your father really helped me in the recent acquisition of a Honda Odyssey. I understand you are getting a new Honda too. Congratulations.
    I could not find a place to make a donation. Please let me know where I can donate online or address and to whom I can send a check.

  2. Hi David,

    You can now offer a donation by clicking on the links in the footer of each page. Click the DONATE button to submit your donation via credit card through paypal – no paypal account is necessary.


    {EWF Site Team}

  3. Hello — I was trying to find the 2012 date… We live in Columbia, MO and have a daughter who’s SCI (C7-T9), she’s 4 – uses her Ti-Lite wheelchair like a Pro (since age 1 yr. 3 mos), she had a stroke to her spinal cord while growing in my womb.

    So, I’d like to help anyway possible, we own a transportation company – so maybe a donation to your auction? Let me know.



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